Electronic Product Development

Electronic system equipment design and integrated circuit design

The company Aleph Digital LLC develops computational electronics and builds electronic circuits and components. Aleph Digital is a high-tech modern production, specializing in development and design of electronic devices. We position ourselves as a "full-cycle" company, providing a full range of services from development and ordering printed circuit boards to packaging end product. Aleph Digital contract manufacturing of electronics is the choice for those who aim for quality and at the same time wish to save their time and money.

Together with contract manufacturing of electronic devices, we build electronic circuits for experimental projects in the field of coding and data transfer.

The main advantages of our production:

  • ability of small batch production at relatively low cost;
  • short delivery time;
  • ability to install small batches manually when automation is not cost-efficient;
  • experienced and qualified personnel;
  • quality control system of end product;
  • control over all production stages, maintenance of technical data sheets and preparing quality reports for end products;
  • proposals on project adjustment based on document analysis, production and testing results;
  • use of equipment and materials from progressive foreign companies and manufacturers.